Position paper on gay marriage

The Missionary Church reaffirms the sanctity of marriage and deplores nonmarital sexual intercourse, homosexual practices, and intravenous drug abuse.Paul sees limited value in this, however, since the benefit consists only in the personal edification of the speaker-not the edification of the entire body (1 Corinthians 14:2, 4).Statement of the Church of God Regarding Same-Sex Marriage Court Decision Mark L.Amos, Williams E., When Aids Comes to Church, Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1988.Subsequently, He will return to earth with His church to judge and rule the entire world.

New Testament Christians are warned that there is no escape from the consequences of persistent backsliding and that the possibility of apostasy is a biblical reality.The moral issue of abortion is more than a question of the freedom of a woman to control the reproductive functions of her body.Possessing Spiritual Gifts Is Not Evidence for the Fullness of the Spirit.Desecration of this day invoked the wrath and judgment of God.In consequence of this act of disobedience, the entire human race has become so corrupted that in every heart there is by nature that evil disposition which eventually leads to responsible acts of sin and to just condemnation.Persons divorced and remarried who give evidence of being genuinely born again are eligible to be received into membership of the church.Their lives and works will be judged for rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ.On rare occasions, even some pastors have succumbed to sexual immorality.

They built their system on the principle of human freedom to the exclusion of divine sovereignty and came out with a revised form of the heresy of Pelagianism.Since God has designed sexual intercourse for monogamous heterosexual marriage alone, and since this form of sexual practice will ultimately help to solve this problem, the Missionary Church calls her people and her world to teach and live by biblical sexual morals.

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The danger is that tension may arise between the two functions or between the people carrying out the functions, or that one function will tend to predominate at the expense of the other.Again, the church should declare that the sole arbiter of this decision belongs to the elders, church board, pastoral staff, or whomever the church designates (see item 3 above).

The position paper has been some time in the making as some denominations were uncomfortable with the original draft.The American Psychiatric Association Position Statement. issued a Position Paper in support of same.Their bodies be treated as temples of the Holy Spirit thus making it inconsistent with both Christian testimony and sound principles of health to injure their influence or bodies by the use of tobacco, intoxicating beverages, narcotics and other harmful products.Christ will descend into the clouds, where His church, the waiting bride, will be caught up to meet Him.In fact, it is only the church which is not dependent upon buildings or programs to accomplish its mission which is truly unstoppable.

The final arbiter of truth is the Word of God, to which the Missionary Church is committed.We believe that the second coming of Christ is the hope of the church and will be personal, bodily, visible, premillennial, and redemptive.A different study calls out the fact that homosexual couples were just as good at rearing children in that sense as heterosexual couples were.Nowhere is encouragement given to the backslider that since he was once saved he will always be saved.So the single most important key for reducing incarceration (and most likely crime as well) is to encourage 2-parent families.Leadership in groups almost always begins as a ministry function and gradually becomes institutionalized into an office.

Further, we should accept them into fellowship upon confession of faith and repentance, as we would any other forgiven sinner (1 Cor. 6:11).It should come as no surprise, then, that we find such sexual disorder in the world.The Missionary Church believes the entire record of the Bible concerning the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, and the gift of tongues must be understood against this larger backdrop.

Position paper of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society on Gay Marriage,.The Truly Conservative Hypocrisy-free Argument If people are truly concerned about the spread of immoral acts and seek to enshrine those values in law, they must start with the most prevalent immoral acts.Gender is an important component of human personhood and cannot be tampered with without individuals suffering untold harm.Nowhere in the New Testament is it suggested that a Christian can presume on his saved relationship.