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Now she is in the class and standing next to her teacher who is sitting and singing a poem to children sitting on the floor.As social workers vital and complex decisions are made based on observations therefore it is essential that the skills to observe and assess are achieved.

However, Amani is observed as an active, balanced and interactive child yet it has been observed that she has very little double-sided interaction with her classmates.

For example, A. J. has learnt the shape of a car from his interaction with the environment.The most important intellectuality observed in the Amani is her problem solving tendency such as wearing apron and tying the apron laces herself that shows her intense ability to show problem solving attitude.Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.

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A. J. then uses a sticker to mount the letters adjacent to every picture he has drawn thus giving the pictures names.

It is essential to note that while there may be a few disadvantages as social workers the skill of observation is crucial to the day to day practice (Tanner 1995 pg 50).

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She is expressive, social, cooperative and sharing the things.

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Drawing on two or more theories of child development, I will look at the main.Teacher says that you can go and play and Amani raises her hand cheerfully turns back and forth to her classmates and she walks around touching the different objects, she is in painting area and takes out a color out of jar and write her name with write hand, she put down green color and picks another marker.Childhood Observation And Theories On Human Development Young People Essay.Write a paper about Child Development Observation (Infant) ECE:205 Introduction to Child Development.The child therefore responds to his environment in his own unique way and does not see the world as someone else may perceive and adapt to it.Despite the advantages of the observation there were a few disadvantages such as: I felt that one hour was a very short time and I was not getting the whole picture from the family.The subject of the observation is A.J (4 year old African-American child).

She seems to show a parallel social playing behavior like playing alongside but not with another child, not very much interacting and talking to other children in her different activities.

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The observation was taking place on Friday and that was a lot of time in between visits.Child Observation Paper Jason Betts Pacific Oaks College November 12, 2012 The purpose of this. paper is to discuss and review my.

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Furthermore had a great awareness of the environment I was in and of verbal and non-verbal interaction between the child and parent as well.Education child development observation paper and parenting articles offer expert.

Nevertheless, she is motivated to learning and learning in group which is undermining part of her development.Child Development Observation. another stage of child development. related to child development.She seems to show good memory like sugar is added in tea and how to use the eating objects.Child Observation Essay Examples. A Study on Child Abuse by Rohini Nagu and Vardini Kothari. 2,365 words. 5 pages. A Narrative of Child Abuse and the Importance.However, she shows little lack of control over her emotions like when she is in her play area to plant a seed in soil she snatched the scoop from her classmate who refuses to hand her that scoop, though there is not any intense situation yet she looks little out of control of her emotions.

She is observed to using objects like scoop and plant shower very efficiently and using spoon, dressing and using laces and ribbons.Child Observation Paper After observing a nine month old child for this Child Observation paper,.

She shows some imagining and creativity too, working with wax dough and making cake and pudding of it.

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