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A list of 170 English idioms and expressions, divided alphabetically with an explanation of meaning and usage.

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All common ESL subjects are included in the over 40 worksheets found on the site.The reading level required for the activities varies from intermediate to advanced.Resources for use in an ESL classroom, including flashcards, printable images, game resources, and online quizzes.Try these resources to ensure all your students learn effectively.Keywords: beginner for teachers games grammar online printable reading.Practicing identifying the correct spelling of common words helps develop sight reading skill.

Reproducible activities for ESL teachers to use in conjunction with The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary and The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary Workbook.Best used with intermediate or higher level students, this printable crossword puzzle is a good way to practice idioms that have been learned in class.

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At this website, you can access a great base of exercises on tenses.Includes idiomatic language grouped by practical life categories.English as a Second Language (ESL) for Teachers and Students.Activities for developing group interaction among students at the intermediate level and above.A fully searchable and sortable database of teacher-uploaded lesson plans, worksheets, activities, flashcards, and games.Keywords: activities for students games intermediate lessons online printable reading speaking theory writing.

The content includes advice on word usage, grammar, and other aspects that can help non-native English speakers to improve their usage of this language. - BarbaraSickels.Please click on the links below to access resources for ESL instructors and students: Grammar and Mechanics.

Teachers can recommend a particular dictionary to suit their class, such as WordSmyth for Children.Some items may serve as springboards for developing your own lessons.From Palm Beach County, this extensive collection of detailed lesson plans covers six levels.Students enjoy rewards and recognition, what better way to give it than with a custom-made certificate.Welcome to MES English, Resources for teachers of young learners.Some topics include personality adjectives, idiomatic phrases, English article usage, and listening comprehension.Quizzes and worksheets that can be used as stand-alone activities or incorporated into a lesson.

Students can do tests online and see their results as soon as they are finished.The audio and video materials introduce English pronunciation and vocabulary through an easy-to-understand approach.Students can illustrate their stories or draw pictures to use as inspiration while writing.The following resources may be useful to help your students improve their English skills.

Students read a passage and select the appropriate preposition or phrasal verb from a drop down list.A wide variety of customizable and printable worksheets for use in any classroom.

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This is a direct link to the grammar quizzes that accompany the English Grammar Explanations.

Flash cards are useful for teaching vocabulary in any ESL class.We have added some Cleveland and cultural links at the bottom of the page.Chants and exercises to help students with American pronunciation and inflection.