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From what that I can deduce, the two counter-examples have one thing in common that is our sense of Morality or our moral intuitions clashes with the principles that utilitarianism hold.

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The effect of the action is what a utilitarian looks at to determine if that action is the proper one.Billy tries to convince Jenny that she should cheat on the test to get a good grade.

Classic utilitarianism, the form of utilitarianism created by Bentham, is the form of utilitarianism that started act-utilitarianism.

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The second solution is that all 100 people can get 10 units of happiness. (Vaughn 89).Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Utilitarianism Ethics.Conclusively, we can actually deduce that things that are morally wrong usually involve the harming of people and things that are of high moral values such as charity work, heroic deeds all contribute to the welfare of the people.

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So instead of lying in bed reading a book, the person should be out volunteering for a food pantry.UKEssays Essays Philosophy Utilitarianism Is The Theory Philosophy Essay.

Also, every time an instance occurs where an action needs to be decided, each action is always calculated no matter how similar it may be to another instance.

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At the end of this essay, I hope to show that utilitarianism is indeed right, and likewise, moral intuitions are without a doubt unreliable to be used as a base in criticising utilitarianism.John Mill called the principle of utility by a different name, the greatest happiness principle.

Utilitarians that follow this belief follow the act-utilitarianism form of utilitarianism.Two examples of a moral situation will be given to show the difference between the reasoning behind act-utilitarianism and the reasoning behind rule-utilitarianism.However, by driving home drunk, Johnny has made other people think they can drive home drunk as well.And so conclusively, we based our moral intuitions on our moral educations.Utilitarianism essaysImagine a world where everyone is thinking of the best interests of everyone else.

Moreover, all the profits will go to the charity thus benefited a lot more people.In theory and in practice, Utilitarianism has continued to be influential, with the work of Bentham and Mill proving to be of the greatest importance and interest.

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This principle that Bentham followed is called the principle of utility.An Individual with strong virtue ethics will make decisions naturally.You make people happy when you help them and you make them unhappy when you harm them.Jim, a botanist travelling in South America, comes upon a public execution in a small town.The theory states that the morally correct action is the one that maximizes happiness and minimizes sadness equally for everyone involved.Aid is brought to 100 of the victims and the aid can produce 1000 units of happiness.

Johnny has to go home because he has to be up early in the morning at home to help his father with chores.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.The key concept of utilitarianism can be understood once we realize that utilitarianism is a consequentialist ethical philosophy.

Image a world where there were no pointless paternalistic laws.

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Once finished, the action with the total net happiness would be the one that the person would choose.UKEssays Essays Philosophy Utilitarianism As The Principle Of Happiness Philosophy Essay.