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Seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER): The ratio of the total seasonal.Dendritic web technique: A method for making sheets of polycrystalline.The three-year Electrical Engineering Technology program at Algonquin College prepares students to design and specify electrical equipment, systems and components.Dielectric: (l) Any insulating medium that intervenes between two conductors.Its value is expressed as the ratio of quantity of electricity to.

By specification dimensioning, it also defines the diameter of the.You can use these cards to study terms used by electrical engineers.Impedance: The total opposition that a circuit offers to the flow of.Plutonium: A transuranic element, formed in a nuclear reactor by.Combined collector: A photovoltaic device or module that provides useful heat.Check out our latest Electrical Terms. information about electrical engineering.Light water reactor (LWR): A common nuclear reactor cooled and usually.Photovoltaic (Photovoltaic) efficiency: The ratio of electric power produced by a cell.It has several isotopes, some of which are fissile and some of.

Coaxial Cable: A high-band width cable consisting of two concentric cylindrical.Square wave inverter: The inverter consists of a DC source, four switches.Converter stations change alternating current into direct current and invert direct current to alternating current.Define electrical engineering: a type of engineering that deals with the uses of electricity.This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

Please use the Program Progression chart below based upon your year of enrollment to plot your path to graduation. Electrical Engineering: Engineering Physics.Photovoltaic (Photovoltaic) array: An interconnected system of.

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Peak power: Power generated by a utility unit that operates at a very low.Hydrogenated amorphous silicon: Amorphous silicon with a small amount of.Constant-speed wind turbines: Turbines that operate at a constant rotor.Contact resistance: The resistance between metallic contacts and the.

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Annual solar savings: The annual solar savings of a solar building is the.Batteries: These are used in the substation control house as a backup to power the.Thermal Shock: Thermal shock is the effect of heat or cold applied at such a rate.The energy value of the heat thus moved can be more than three times the.

Ampere (A) or amp: The basic SI unit measuring the quantity of electricity.Fermi level: Energy level at which the probability of finding an electron is.For example, a crane that was grounded to the system neutral and that contacted an energized line would.Define electrical engineer: one trained in electrical engineering.Looking for the best Electrical Dictionary in the Google Play.

Fissionable (of an isotope): Capable of undergoing fission: If.They are of various sizes usually from 2 to 6 inches in diameter.Inverters: Devices that convert DC electricity into AC electricity (single or.Criticality: Condition of being able to sustain a nuclear chain.

Photon: A particle of light that acts as an individual unit of energy.Short-circuit current (Isc): The current flowing freely from a photovoltaic.Moderator: A material such as light or heavy water or graphite used in.Standard test conditions (STC): Conditions under which a module is typically.Reserve capacity: The amount of generating capacity a central power system.What is commonly defined as electricity is really just the movement of. electrons.Interfacial Seal: Sealing of a two-piece, multiple contact connector over the whole.Board of Wisdom. Log. An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his time and effort to.Single-crystal material: A material that is composed of a single crystal or a.