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Completed numerous webinars on XYZ topics, attended annual XYZ.Check the details are correct, and that you have signed your letter in blue or black ink.

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Helping Women Get Back in the Game. Recognizing the challenges of returning to work,.As a stay-at-home Mom returning to the workforce, you have plenty of experience and credentials.If you think our articles are great, try our Resume Builder, Letter Builder and Exclusive Interview Strategy Videos.I am a competent user of digital technologies, and am able to operate systems and programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Photoshop (insert names of other or different computer programs as relevant to your situation).

Whatever reason you have for returning to a previous career path, I am going to try and help you figure.

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Returning to Work After Raising the Kids:. thousands of parents returning to the workforce every. to work for.

How to Write Your Resume. Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work by Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow. in Moms Going Back to Work.Do a little digging and try to discover the name and contact information of the person who will be reading the letter.List the names of previous employers and your job title with each.Expert Resume Formats: Return-to-Work Job Seekers By Wendy Enelow, CCM,.Go for a simple, professional look and back yourself all the way.Do some research if you are addressing a letter to someone from a cultural background different to your own, as some cultural groups use a different ordering for family and given names.Take college courses, or attend conferences, trade shows, or webinars in your desired field to get up to date on new trends and best practices.

RESUME WRITER RESOURCES. To help you choose a font that will be present on the most computers,.

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Highlight Volunteer Work Many workplace skills are in high demand in the nonprofit arena in which you may have participated as a stay-at-home mother.You need to list your work history, but save it for the third or fourth section of your resume.

Bill Piper is an editor and writer who does resumes according to your needs.For example, if your career was in banking and you want to return after staying at home with your children for a while, provide the name of your former boss if you had an exceptional relationship.Job seekers are wise not to overlook their soft skills during the job search.What Stay-at-Home Parents Need to Know Before Rejoining the Workforce. suggests parents returning to the workforce.

It will definitely boost your confidence and pave the way for a smoother re-entry.

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I am excited by the opportunity to submit my resume to you for consideration.Just highlight activities that relate to or support your qualifications for your desired role.

Sara Sutton Fell is a mother of two and the CEO and Founder of FlexJobs, a career website for telecommuting, flexible, freelance, and part-time jobs.

Tips for Moms Returning to Work. even if they help in being a mother. Restructure your resume.The Gloss and all related sites and logos are trademarks of Defy Media.Update and maintain applicable licensures and certifications, if any.

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Returning to work after mental health issues: tips for. returning to work after. a week can help to rebuild confidence.

Interactive feature: Ask Electra,. door with a functional resume that lists the new volunteer work or class where. for women returning to work after.Overcoming the obstacles that may be inherent within your resume.Chronological Resume Sample:. has a less-than-perfect work history.Look for ways to gain experience in short-term increments like internships, temporary work, and freelancing, which offer the chance for you to dust off your professional self and get her back into workforce-ready shape.