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An approach to segmental analysis that is of increasing interest is Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA).Customer service costs and revenues: The revenues are earnings based on the service provided.Extend analysis of product lines and customers beyond what provided by traditional cost and margin analysis to the determination of customer and product-line ROI.

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Variation of asset utilization is resulted from customized demands such as specialized tools and equipment and store inventories for special customers.

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Customer and industry types: The exemplary company described in the case study is an automobile parts manufacturer with two primary customers, an automobile manufacturer and after-market suppliers of auto parts (retailer).Topik ini merupakan suatu pendekatan dimana sistem akuntansi.

CUSTOMER PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS: AN ABC APPROACH 3 The impact of activity-based costing (ABC) on customer profitability analysis (CPA) has attracted relatively little.UKEssays Essays Marketing The Customer Profitability Analysis Marketing Essay.

The goal of CRM is to attract new customers, retain, up-sell, or cross-sell to existing customers.

Other than that, CPA may be measured by analyzing the customer performance measure of market share,.If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.

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All three methods are ways to break down general costing info to individual product and customer levels in order to uncover hidden financial info that is not readily revealed via traditional financial analysis methods.

Difference in customer profitability can arise from many differences- 1.).In the case study, the revenues are generated by selling the manufactured auto parts directly to customers.CLV evaluates customer profitability at an enterprise level, which is less of a requirement for the other two analysis methods.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

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It allows the businesses to disaggregate revenues and costs to levels of individual products and customers to reveal previously hidden costs.In this video you learn about customer profitability analysis using activity based costing techniques.Sari Fiatmi. connect to download. Get doc. Reaction Paper CPA. Download. Reaction Paper CPA.Epstein MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING GUIDELINE Published by The Society of Management Accountants of Canada,the American.So these should be fairly easy to assign to individual customers.

It is difficult to link customer information into a single customer record since a customer may leave or return multiple times during its lifetime.

Other technologies include the automation of CRM process and technologies to facilitate collection of financial and statistical info.Customer Profitability Analysis: CPA: Child Placement Agency: CPA: Canadian Poetry Association: CPA.CPA is defined as Customer Profitability Analysis frequently.

It can provide management with more complete picture of benefits derived from customers or project lines, assessing impact of product or process redesign and product or component sourcing decisions, and leverage in negotiating prices or other business terms, including payment polices, reduced inventory levels, or investment in tooling with customers.An increase in overall profitability in many organizations has been demonstrated through the use of ABC.So now, we should have a complete table with all components for each customer.

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After that a comprehensive comparison of the three scenarios will be provided.Marketing structure is usually allocated to brands unless it serves all brands, in which case it is allocated to all customers evenly.Developing strategies: CLV enables the ability to understand and segment customers based on value and allow companies to develop differentiated customer management strategies.

It is most useful to analyze customers and products that have significant asset utilization.Our accounting systems can quickly navigate our businesses from total revenue to gross profit (discounting cost of goods), to operating profit (discounting operating costs such as logistics, sales, marketing and administrative) and ultimately to net profit.

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If there is no way to allocate either, then an average could be used.View 21529 Profitability Analysis posts, presentations, experts, and more.This is to segment customers into groups that have similar behaviors or features.Confirming Pages Chapter 5 Activity-Based Costing and Customer Profitability Analysis 133 service firm (law firm, accounting firm) may not need ABC because labor.

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