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Check out resource lists, journal articles, and ideas for best practices in ELL on these links.ESL Party Land: A great site for ELL teachers, ESL Party Land has lesson plans, strategies, worksheets, flashcards, quizzes, games, and even vocabulary resources to help you be a better ELL teacher.At you will find everything you need including a motivating quiz, lists and verb search with audio.Easy Grammar Exercises -- 27 sets of easy grammar exercises on 9 grammar forms.Please click on the links below to access resources for ESL instructors and students: Grammar and Mechanics.The 100 American People -- Short essays on 100 well-known Americans.

In this post Justin Birch explores how using apps and online resources can benefit ESL students with limited resources.The CCSF ESL Student Wiki provides free ESL online resources, links,.English as a Second Language (ESL) for Teachers and Students.As the name suggests, this material is better for high-school or older, as the topics get abstract.

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Preschool Teacher Video: Educational Requirements for Preschool Teachers.There are even ideas for drama and role plays, teacher development, and story telling resources.Inspiration Lane: Inspiration Lane is designed to be an interactive reading activity to share with your entire ELL classroom with new learning content each - EFL English and simplified English resources for teachers and students.Activities for ESL Students: Thousands of teacher contributions can be found on this site full of quizzes, exercises, and tests for teaching English as a second language.The narrations are lengthy and best-suited for high-level learners.SpokenSkills is a site that has tons of resources for the ESL student and teacher, but in terms of pronunciation practice, be sure to check out Encourage students to self-test with this website, offering free English tests, grammar exercises, and worksheets.

Pronunciation of Proper Nouns -- Popular American names, names of capitals, countries, fruits, and vegetables.

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Brushing up your irregular verbs is a great way to make progress fast with your English.


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Free online listening resources for English learners including online news, music, movies and more.Wordsteps: Wordsteps makes it easy for students to build their own vocabulary collection, and even access their vocabulary through a mobile device for English language learning on the go.A personal recommendation to be included to any future list would be which is a useful site for ESL learners.Education Specialist with a specialization in Global Training and Development.You can actually take part in either side of the conversations.Pain in the English: This fun blog is a great resource for explaining gray areas of the English language to your students.Either way, each of them can be a ready resource for your ESL.

Teacher Talk: Several ELL teachers contribute to this blog, sharing teaching practices, materials, ideas, and guides.With so many online resources that can make the process easier.ESL stands for English as a Second Language, and EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language.Readings come with interactive comprehension questions and tasks.Repeat After Us: In this online library, students can get access to a huge collection of English texts and scripted recordings.M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction - Online Teaching and Learning.

Record messages up to 5 min (worth to consider for bloggers and language learners).Designing The Perfect School: 7 Principles Of Sustainable Learning.A World of ESL Resources. Reading. Writing. Grammar. Vocabulary. Listening. News Math. Canadiana. Webquests.You might check out this blog for improving your writing skills with sample essays.

There are also free PowerPoint presentations that are mostly suited for young learners.Grammar Exercises -- 112 sets of high-quality grammar exercises on 17 grammar forms.If you like memory matching game and want to learn English (or other languages) you should check EDUXESO.

Englishtown: Join this community of English learners from around the world to gain insight for your ELL students.Casa Notes: This ingenious tool allows ELL teachers to effectively communicate with non-English speaking parents.This is one of the few sites with test prep materials which are crucial for English language learners looking to study abroad.B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education.These four concise fact sheets provide an overview of current.The site has some great teaching resources that are bound to get your students talking and involved.This Is America -- Over 100 mini-novels for English learners to understand current American life.Preschool English Language Learners: This resource list from the state.