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The quote states than in war a machine, which could be a gun, sometimes has more power than a person does.

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When Lavender is shot, Cross is distracting himself with thoughts of Martha, a college crush.

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Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carries reminders of his love for Martha.

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Read The Things They Carried free essay and over 87,000 other research documents.When one of his friends got killed during action he got rid of the pebble because he thought it was a distraction.Free essay on The Things They Carried available totally free at,. View more professionally written essays on this topic.While there in the sewage swap he and Kiowa are sleeping near each other.Sitting in a rowboat, he goes into deep thought about his future, where he decides that his guilt about avoiding the war and fear of disappointing his family are more important than his political views.He tries to pull Kiowa out of the sinkhole but to no avail, it is just too strong and it is too heavy.Free The Things They Carried papers, essays, and research papers.

On his way to Canada, he feels that he will lose the respect of his family and community and returns home to be shipped off to Vietnam.

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The author noticed this after he killed the enemy soldier, he noticed that it was the gun that killed the person and not him.It started in an outpost were injured soldiers were brought so that they can be treated.

When he receives the notice in the mail, he believes he is too good to fight in the war.If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.It Is Good to Live in These First Days When the Foundations of Things Are Being Laid, to Be Able, Now and Then, to Place a Stone or Carry the Mortar to Set It Good and True - Emily Murphy.It tells how men had to suffer with the guilt of death and how they overcame their fears and survived.

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A literary critique of The Things They Carried will review and further analyze the ideas in symbols in the story.The story was about a girl that was changed dramatically by the Vietnam War.

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When the war ended and the soldiers returned home, soldiers realized that that their dreams were not always what they wanted.Essays The Things They Carried Love in The Things They Carried: A Cataclysm of Emotional Warfare and Deterioration.Perfect for students who have to write The Things They Carried essays. SparkNotes.The quote means boys and girls are supposed to like each other, but not in war.The man dropped his rifle but it was not in time he was blown away by the grenade.

I assume they carried is defined more by color rating or essay.Throughout the story he carries the guilt of having some of his best friends be from low income families and that he was wrong on his views of Vietnam and the people fighting for his freedom.A literature reference book will give accurate definition of symbolism and explain why symbolism is used in The Things They Carried.

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After a long day, he takes out letters and reminisces the good times they had together before he left for the war.Methodology: Many people view the Vietnam War as an enormous success or failure, consequently there is ample information involving the conflict.