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We will learn about the different kinds of bonds, ways chemists draw bonds and molecules, and how the type of chemical bonding affects the bulk properties of a material.The Atomic Dashboard - is an interactive chemistry resource and learning tool developed for the Mac by Bitwixt Software Systems.Introduction to the atom Ions and compounds Names and formulas of ionic compounds Mass spectrometry Chemical reactions and stoichiometry We are now going to delve into the heart of chemistry.At its simplest, you just click on an element, and watch a two-minute video that describes the element and its uses.Chemistry help is available here for high school or college students.

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Reaction rates and rate laws Relationship between reaction concentrations and time Arrhenius equation and reaction mechanisms Spectrophotometry Nuclear chemistry Ancient alchemists attempted but failed to turn different substances into gold.Each unit begins with a nicely-organized set of definitions and notes, and contines with worksheets that can serve as student homework.ChemPaths: Student Resources for General Chemistry - a comprehensive collection of tutorials from the Chemical Education Digital Library.Atomic orbital visualization - see the The Orbitron: a gallery of orbitals -- and also the references on our visualization page.Includes numerous examples of application of kinetic molecular theory and a section on real gases. (Part of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook ).The tutorials in ChemTutor Excalibur teach chemistry using a unique approach that students appreciate and enjoy.

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Chemistry in the Community (ChemCom) Textbook Explores fundamentals of chemistry through societal issues, with emphasis on organic, bio-, environmental, and.Water to Wine: the molecular basis of indicator color change (from the General Chemistry Online site).There is a few useful relatively advanced general chemistry sites,. which will help you find chemistry.The Chemical Thesaurus is a huge (200 Mb) collection of information about chemical reactions, phase changes and radiochemistry organized into a relational database.

Why is it that may not be exactly as it is used to examine in some communities are defined.ChemThink - This new site consists of a series of interactive quiz-based tutorials.Basic atomics: atoms, elements, and isotopes - an introductory treatment for beginning students, suitable for the very early part of a general chemistry course. (SK Lower, Simon Fraser University).Acid-base without algebra A simple graphical method of solving pH problems that gives as good answers as algebraic solutions and provides a global view of what species are significant at any pH.In addition to the chemistry help provided on this website, if you want to get great chemistry help for developing a solid understanding of chemistry, and for achieving higher exam scores, I also strongly encourage you to use ChemTutor Excalibur (from Interactive Learning, Inc. ) for chemistry help.The mole concept, calculations based on formulas and equations - these three chapters of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook provide in-depth treatment at an elementary level. (Part of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook ).Whether its Science, Mathematics or any other subject, many students tend to use internet as.

Although directed at the high school, these materials can serve as a good review for college chemistry students.Kinetics Explorer - an introduction to the study of chemical kinetics based on the exploration of dynamic phenomena.Ionic and ion-derived solids - a detailed look at alkali halide energetics and structures, and extended structures. (Part of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook ).

Internet has become an important source of knowledge for students.For information on other disgusting bodily fluids and odors, check out the Grossology site.

Nowhere is best nature is the best teacher essay chemistry help sites what counts.Linking you to web sites that support the Ontario. the ultimate online destination for Ontario high school homework help.

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ChemTutor covers a variety of topics - aimed mainly at HS and AP Chemistry.

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Oxidation-reduction reactions Galvanic cells Standard cell potentials Electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and equilibrium Cell potentials under nonstandard conditions Electrolytic cells and electrolysis Kinetics Chemists are often interested in how fast a reaction will occur, and what we can do to control the rate.

Maryland (2014) This free book in PDF format is a revised and enlarged version of the first edition published in hard-cover format in 2001 by Prentice Hall.ChemTutor Excalibur is an awesome chemistry tutorial software package that makes chemistry easier and more fun to learn, and it provides excellent chemistry help.Introduction to the periodic table Periodic table trends Chemical bonds Chemical bonds are the glue that hold molecules together.Dont stress, just ap chemistry help websites rely on This page lists some of the text.

For those interested in the arcane: Obsolete and ancient measurement units.

Organic Chemistry Practice Problems: More advanced science teachers should stop here to have a look at complex science.

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Most of these videos star the picturesque Sir Martyn Poliakoff, a professor of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham in the U.K., where this project is based.To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser.Get online best chemistry help websites chemistry homework help now and have all your questions solved.