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The courts have handled cases involving gay rights and the decisions have involved constitutional interpretation of the guarantees of equality of all in the eyes of the law.Same-sex marriages have been a controversial topic for a long time.Research within librarian-selected research topics on Marriage from the Questia online library,.Divorce rates increased over the years and today marriage has lost its importance and specialness due to numerous problems associated with it (LeVay 56-95).Engaging in sex outside the marriage, particularly for the married couples was heavily punished as adultery.While there is no denying the universality of heterosexual marriages, current social and legal developments provide a compelling case for the recognition and legalization of same sex marriages in the United States.

There is also an essay written about the pros and cons of same-sex marriage which may help, which is the last source.

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This meaning, along with the rulings of the Supreme Court are a reflection of cultural, historical as well as religious conception of marriage as being confined to people of the opposite sex with the main aim being the procreation of children.Marriage is recognized as an institution for the precreation of children and founding of a family.Gay Marriage and Homosexuality. Support for Same-Sex Marriage at Record.The overriding principle is that the court recognized marriage as a civil and fundamental right that should be available to all.I am a student at RIT and i am writing a research paper on the topic of same sex marriage my question is: How is same sex marriage viewed in society due to the fact.

An example is in the Matter of Estate of Cooper, where, Cooper died and left a large chunk of his estate to his ex-lover.Marriage is a civil and fundamental right which must be universally available to each and every human being on the virtue of their human nature rather than their sexuality.

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Avishalom Westreich. character of marriage and the status of same-sex marriage in particular.

May 21, 2014 at 10:54am Hey if anyone has time and would like can you read my research paper and tell me what you think below.

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View Same Sex Marriage Research Papers on for free.The second reason why same-sex couples want legalization of their marriages is that marriage legitimizes relationships in the society.

The nature of marriage as an institution sets it out as a rather conservative issue which demands a firm commitment to the civic and family responsibilities.

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Gay Marriage: Why It is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for.However, the continued recognition of gays and lesbians, calls for a review in the law in order to recognize the fundamental rights that they are entitled to as humans beings.The Supreme Constitutional Court still had not reached a decision.Over a century ago, the US law accepted that heterosexual marriage remained an institution headed by the husband.Gay Marriage research papers, Gay Marriage term papers, Gay Marriage essays.

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These arguments are made for the consideration of the law makers, that in the exercise of their lawmaking functions, there is an overwhelming need for them to rely on factual and objective arguments.Economic advantages arising from legalization of same-sex marriages presents a valid argument as well as a valid point of consideration for both the federal and state governments.In 2003, the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) was introduced in the House of Representatives proposing to define marriage as the union of one woman and one man.

While due process protects traditions, equal protection safeguards against such traditions.However, some of these elements started to change as the roles of women began to revolve in the society.

It is an anticipatory solution in the sense it deems prevent any state legislation that would define marriage otherwise.Critical Thinking -Group Assignment- Same Sex- Marriage. Same Sex-Marriage.Among the most common arguments against gay marriages is that they will violate the moral principles of the society, as such, marriages are not recognized by any religion.People are just now starting to notice it because there are more and more gays that want to have the same rights as straight couples.

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