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For your sincere efforts, I shall remain ever obliged to you.You can easily contribute great content and get exposure for your work while at the same time getting paid.If anyone here is a video gamer, my site Sphinx Gamer pays flat rate for original, quality articles.Great collection of resources, I think this is best way to get high authority links.

The goal is to provide readers with ways to help them save time and money.And I guess, it must be difficult for you to join the above websites as an author.Yes, I understand. the upcoming update of this blog post should help you.Make money writing articles for Constant Content. The basic set-up is that you write articles, upload them, choose a listing price, and get paid when they sell.I have already started working on an updated list of sites that pays writers.A part of the Smashing Network, Noupe is another great web design blog that is well-respected.TheExpeditioner is a travel site for the avid traveler featuring travel articles from some of the best travel writers in the world, as well as travel news, commentary, insight and video from a premiere team of bloggers from around the globe.There are several people who want to earn passive income online but still figuring the right way to earn good money.You can contribute to any of those websites and get paid for it.

This is definitely food for thought and maybe a little extra money.That said, earning money as a writer is not always easy or quick.

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Alaska Parent is a free, full-color family and parenting magazine, published 4 times per year.

I was wondering if you could help me find sites that are based on safety and security that pay people to write.We wil like to know some that pay Nigerians without cuz most of them are payal.Helping the Christian writer and the freelance writer manage their writing career or start an online ministry.You really inspire me and above all show me how to be a good freelance writer and profitably too.Use freelance blogging and guest blogging once you have your own website or blog setup to get the value of the links back to your site for the search engines to recognize and you will be way ahead of the game.At Viator we believe that travel has the power to make the world a better place.

They have virtually no customer service to speak of, and no one responds to email inquiries about where their money is after cashing out.They have changed their pay structure so that you literally earn just pennies per article and they still have a 10 article per day cap.For those who know how to write, these websites are a true gold mine.I checked out most of these sites and a lot of them only pay you when you become a regular poster or you have to throw your name in the hat to get accepted before you can be paid.In the articles above all those should be filtered out like for ecopywriters work is only for US citizen,for some UK.I am from india,sir.what would be helpful in your articles that I can make money online from india.waiting with eager.And I do beleive that you have just changed my life forever. Thank you. God bless.Nearly half a million writers are looking for that since YCN is no more.

This a great job thanks a lot guy may God give u more wisdom.I will be definitely going to make some buks from these sites.

Thanks a lot for a great share, i will be using all sources mention above to submitting my articles and that too at a great price.I plan to submit to a few of these soon and to try using Google Advanced search to find more opportunities.

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Careful research will help you determine which self-publication service is right for you.While the process of setting up advertising links via ad players such as Google Ad Sense, Amazon Associates, or Pay-Per-Post is fairly straightforward, it may take several months before you start to receive ad revenue.Am also exploring the 7 lessons on how to get paid as a freelance writer but i have a little problem and can make good use of your help, i dont have a paypal account and most freelances site pay via paypal am from nigeria what should i do. hoping to read your mail.

But you have minimized the efforts of many bloggers who are in search of websites which pays attractively.Take a look at our guidelines here ( ) if anyone is interested in applying.GloHoliday is a travel articles site that provides complete resources for traveling all over the world, including holiday destinations, festivals, public holidays, hotel booking, flight information and travel tips attracting thousands of monthly visitors.In order for your writing to get noticed, you have to read other people posts and comment on them.You can then go through the search results and pitch relevant blogs by using the criteria that I have set to come up with the above list.For example, if I sold something on Helium Network, would I be able to.Understanding where opportunities lie will help you target your approach.Web AppStorm, iPhone AppStorm, iPad AppStorm, Android AppStorm, and Windows AppStorm.

I agree there is probably only a very small amount of opportunity for new writers, regardless of talent, to break into this field.From the numerous resources I have seen, there seem to a shortage of this kind.Make money writing articles in a few simple steps: Register for free, and submit a writing sample.We just created our own paid blogging gig that I think a lot of your audience might be interested in.Thank you very much:) I am currently working on an article for an online magazine and I have written print and web articles for the student newspaper at my college so this definitely helped me.Send a letter of introduction, or, better yet, a query outlining a specific pitch.